Botanical Name: Asclepias speciosus
Common Name: Showy Milkweed  
Plant photo of: Asclepias speciosus
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Water Saving Tip:

Even during our hottest months we don't need to water daily.

Give your plants a chance to breathe.

Water late at night or in the early morning hours to avoid losses to wind and evaporation.

California Native Plant
  • Anatomy

  • Culture

  • Design

Plant Type



Height Range

1-3', 3-6'


Flower Color

Pink, White


Flower Season

Spring, Summer


Leaf Color

Grey Green


Bark Color



Fruit Color



Fruit Season






Very Low


Growth Rate



Soil Type



Soil Condition

Poor, Well-drained, Dry


Soil pH



Adverse Factors

Allergenic, Invasive

Design Styles

Meadow, Mediterranean, Ranch, Spanish, Wild Garden


Accenting Features

Fragrance, Showy Flowers, Unusual Foliage, Unusual Shape


Seasonal Interest

Spring, Summer


Location Uses

Entry, Parking Strip, Patio, Parking Lot, Raised Planter, Walkways, With Rocks


Special Uses

Container, Erosion Control, Filler, Naturalizing


Attracts Wildlife

Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Wildlife

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  • Notes

This beautiful perennial reaches 2'-4' tall and 3' wide. It spreads by underground colonies so it's a good plant for difficult slopes. Thick upright stems have large, hairy, gray leaves. Fragrant pink and white, star shaped clusters of flowers bloom in spring and summer. This plant does well in poor, dry, well draining soil in full sun. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on the leaves and stems so don't spray plants with chemicals. Is winter dormant.
Frost tolerant to 20 F. Also try Asclepias linaria.