Elegant Hillside
Purple Hopseed Bush or Hop Bush
Concha California Lilac
Goodwin Creek Gray Lavender
Purple Hopseed Bush or Hop Bush

Common name:Purple Hopseed Bush or Hop Bush
Botanical name:Dodonaea viscosa 'Purpurea'

This fast-growing shrub has an upright, branching habit that reaches a height of 12-15', with willow-like leaves that are 4" in length. Its foliage is bronzy-green in color, which turns a reddish-purple shade in the fall and winter. It has compact growth and requires full sun for the best results.

Concha California Lilac

Common name:Concha California Lilac
Botanical name:Ceanothus 'Concha'

Concha is a lilac that grows 6-8 ft. in height and width. It has small narrow leaves with intense dark blue flower clusters in spring. Tolerant of coastal and inland conditions. -Cornflower Farms

Goodwin Creek Gray Lavender

Common name:Goodwin Creek Gray Lavender
Botanical name:Lavandula 'Goodwin Creek Gray'

Lavandula 'Goodwin Creek Gray' is an evergreen shrub. This dense foliaged plant grows to 2.5-3 ft. high and 3-4 ft. wide, with silvery leaves that are toothed at the tips. Deep violet-blue flowers from spring to late fall.


Elegant Hillside

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Soils and Compost:

Physical weed control, including mulching, or hand removal protects the watershed from harmful chemicals.

Water Saving Tip:

Remember to check your irrigation system at least once a month, especially your valves, sprinkler heads, and drip emitters.

Integrated Pest Management:

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